Never Shout Never - ‘Red Balloon’ Music Video



For this Never Shout Never music video we wanted to play with the idea of a single take and how we can continue to implement new elements into the video during the take. We flew from NYC to Austin to produce this video and laid out 200+ feet of track to produce the smooth continuous take which included a curve at the end where we reveal and circle around the band. For those that have never laid down track before its hard enough just getting 8 feet of it level much less 200+ feet and then a curve in it not to mention shooting on relatively uneven terrain in a park in Austin. Having a close working relationship with local Austin equipment rental companies allowed us to procure the amount of track and equipment needed to accomplish this task. The technical aspects of video production can play a huge roll in the narrative elements and over all video and we think this was a case where they really produced some amazing results.