Welcome to Pan Up.
We are a team of creatives, filmmakers, and friends.


Pan Up Productions was founded in Austin Texas in 2014. We’re a full service creative content production company tackling on everything from commercial campaigns to music videos, and so much more. We have hubs in Austin and NYC, and we happen to be pretty big fans of traveling. As in, we like to collaborate and create content wherever the destination may be.

We are a team of lighthearted people who take doing good work seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously. Pan Up was born out of that environment, after hearing people ask DP’s to “just pan the camera up” (correct term being tilt up). We loved it and thought it was very fitting and what better way to sum up ourselves - having the experience, technical prowess, and know-how to develop and produce high quality work while at the same time not taking life too seriously and enjoying the people around you.

This is Pan Up.

Do good work, do it differently, and enjoy the company around you.



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