Creative Director: Robert Ravenscroft + Tori Young

Copywriter: Tori Young

Photographer: Robert Ravenscroft

These sheets were made for dreaming. It’s 4:36 a.m. and you’ve accomplished more in your sub-conscious than you ever did behind a desk. Set yourself up for success with that open mouth, ultra-fine cotton-thread-between-the-legs kind of snoozefest. Comfortable enough to tackle even the wildest of dreams. The thing is, dreaming makes it difficult to hide what you truly desire. Molded into your preferred acrobatic sprawl, nothing can come between you and your ideal money-maker, whatever it may be. So, why go back to reality? Don’t quit your dream job. Hit that snooze button like your career depends on it.

Bring to life the voice of a sleep-focused product rooted in comfort, quality, and personalization.

Highlight the benefit of using Brooklinen as the connection between comfort and great, memorable dreaming.


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